Bright and independent.


Every time we explore, we uncover, unearth and dive recklessly into the unknown. While sometimes our experiences can be glamorous, it’s the unexpected, gritty side of travel we enjoy the most.

We are always trying to rewire, rethink and transform our perceptions of the world and emerge from our adventures as re-crafted and wiser beings.


Editor & Creative Director

Tarynne is co-founding editor and creative director for AWAY2TRAVEL. She is a registered dietitian, certified specialist in pediatrics and registered yoga instructor.

She has served as a pediatric and neonatal dietitian, multi-million dollar business manager in medical sales and as a health coach and yoga instructor for one of the largest tech companies in the world.

Tarynne’s role at AWAY2TRAVEL is to keep it colorful, draw outside the lines, and capture moments in the form of pixels. She earned her degree in nutrition because she was fascinated by the role food plays in culture, and she challenges AWAY2TRAVEL to adopt a global perspective on nutrition.

Tarynne is tirelessly entertained by the unfamiliar and attracted to the limitless possibilities of new and foreign. She is energized by creatively challenging sameness, and her constellation-style thoughts and memories are captured in her photography and words that morph into magical stories. Tarynne is inspired by the reward of relentlessly following her passion and curiosity and is excited to lead a company that encourages others to do the same.