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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

About Czech Republic

A country that proudly displays its fascinating history, which ranges from ancient Bohemia to the German occupation during World War II to the rise of communism in 1948. Now Czech Republic, and specifically Prague, has become a popular tourist destination that offers a blend of historical wonders with a lively nightlife that features shockingly affordable, well-crafted native beers. You’ll be shocked just how recently communism gripped the country, but also how beautifully preserved Czech Republic’s Renaissance towns simply glow. While in the capital city, be sure to stroll across the Charles bridge, visit the Prague Castle, Old Town Hall Tower and refresh with a Pilsner Urquell or two.

When to Go: Spring and Fall tend to be comfortable (festivals and blooms), but Christmas Markets are also very popular.

Good to Know:

  • Capital: Prague
  • Population: 10.6 million
  • Language: Czech, Slovak
  • Currency: Czech Koruna
Prague: 70°F
1 USD = 0 CZK

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