About Laos

Laos is what you imagine Southeast Asia was decades ago, before loads of tourists invaded. This country is the beating heart of the region, quietly serving as a passageway or bite-size destination for travelers, while preserving its authenticity and rawness. The Buddhist culture is alive, the gastronomy scene is intensely flavorful and the colonial architecture transports your imagination to another place. It’s magical. The colors are a calming set of pastels, the waterfalls are seductive, the history is alive, and the reasons to visit are endless.

When to Go: November-March delivers the most favorable weather. April-June is incredibly sticky and hot. July-August is when landscapes are the greenest. September-October is when you need a reliable poncho and umbrella.

Good to Know:

  • Capital: Vientiane
  • Population: 6.7 million
  • Language: Lao
  • Currency: Lao Kip
Vientiane: 80°F
1 USD = 0 LAK

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