About Zimbabwe

Remote and landlocked, yet Zimbabwe shares a deservingly world-famous water feature that will make you forget the ocean is at least one country away. While the country’s neighbor hogs 90 percent of Victoria Falls, it means Zimbabwe offers the more dramatic panoramic views of the falls. Not to mention, halfway through your no-mans-land journey from Zambia to Zimbabwe, you can bungee jump from a bridge above the Zambezi River. You can also raft beneath the falls for a totally wild daredevil day. Crossing the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, you’re immediately hit with raw a reality: lack of infrastructure, absence of major tourism and no legitimate currency. Appreciate the raw, rare, risky and stunning.

When to Go: April-October lends to far clearer views of the falls, and that’s likely the reason you are visiting.

Good to Know:

  • Capital: Harare
  • Population: 13.7 million
  • Language: English
  • Currency: There is none. Bring USD or Zambian Kwacha
Harare: 76°F
1 USD = 1 USD

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