About Thailand

The big sister of Southeast Asia. Flirty, friendly, extroverted and wild. On the yin side of her yang lie exotic beaches, tropical paradise and intricate temples. Across the half million square kilometers of Thailand lie two very different landscapes. To the north are serene, majestic mountains that fade into busy cities. Traveling south, the scenery slowly changes into stunning white sand beaches and cerulean seas. No matter what part of Thailand you visit, you’re guaranteed to be greeted with smiles, forceful bargaining and pushy touts. You’ll witness the spectrum of trashy to classy and taste some of the most incredible, cheap food that can be found anywhere on the planet.

When to Go: November-March is the best time to visit with lush landscapes and comfortable temperatures. April-June is hot and dry. July-October is monsoon season and some islands shut down. September and October are perfect for exploring the north and east coast.

Good to Know:

  • Capital: Bangkok
  • Pop: 67.5 million
  • Language: Thai
  • Currency: Thai Bhat
Bangkok: 78°F
1 USD = 30.7 THB

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