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About Vietnam

If Vietnam were a puzzle, you would completely forget the goal was to get one complete picture. Rather, you would be fascinated and entertained by each individual piece. It’s a country so much deeper than any single explanation or image. The areas to explore in Vietnam are endless, each one uniquely gratifying, epic and addictive. No matter how long you plan to visit, your experience in Vietnam will go as quickly as the speeding mopeds in Hanoi. Immerse yourself in the country as deeply as you reach your chopsticks into a bowl of pho, because the closer you look, the more you’ll find.

When to Go: From December-March Tet festival will likely make your trip more expensive. April-June is the best time to go with moderate temperatures. If you visit July-August, prepare to be hot and humid. Sept-Nov is a great time to be in Vietnam, minus the risk of typhoons.

Good to Know:

  • Capital: Hanoi
  • Population: 92.5 million
  • Language: Vietnamese
  • Currency: Vietnamese Dong
Hanoi: 81°F
1 USD = 0 VND

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