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  1. Camie Adair

    Thanks for the info sweetie! Once Jesse and I get settled in the new house, we will definitely send along some school supplies and books!!! I’ll post a new comment then with what we send and to whom… 🙂

  2. Wow. These are really special and amazing experiences you guys are having. It’s incredible how much we have [here in the US] compared to how little they have there. How long are you guys traveling there? -Shireen

    1. James

      We leave Africa on March 28, but then we’re headed to Italy for a few months. Are you traveling again anywhere soon??

      1. oh just good ol’ Mexico!

  3. Erica

    This is so moving guys, Tarynne you have a real way with words! We have just had Comic Relief here in the UK which divides its proceeds between projects in Africa & here at home. Your experiences in Malawi echo so much of the footage we have seen of how little these kids have & they recognise their way out of poverty is education – so I will definitely get myself down to Staples tomorrow & buy pens & paper to send! 🙂


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